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What is the 501st Legion?

The 501st Legion is the world's definitive Imperial costuming organization. No matter where you live, the power of "Vader's Fist" can be felt through professionally organized charity, fundraising and promotional events featuring the "bad guys" of Star Wars. The ranks of the 501st Legion span the entire United States and over 21 countries worldwide, with numbers increasing on a daily basis.

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The Girl That Changed a Legion

Our dearest angel and youngest Honorary Member Katie Johnson passed away at 5:20pm, August 9, 2005. Katie's fight with cancer has inspired and motivated thousands around the world. Thank you, Katie, for touching our lives and changing us in wonderful ways. Click to see Katie video.

Click here to see Katie's upcoming trading card. Visit forkatie.org for more about Katie.  Donations for the family's expenses, a memorial park bench in Katie's name, and for the Make-A-Wish foundation are now being accepted at forkatie.org. Thank you for truly making a difference.

Who is TK106?

TK 106 is the designation of an outer rim trooper stationed in the South Dakota sector of the Central Garrison. Wearing the distinguishing armor of the Imperial stormtroopers, he patrols the vast wastelands of this area. To learn more of what TK106 does for the local area and it's charities, please check the "about" section.  Currently working on "Project TC-106 Episode III 501st Clonetrooper armor."  Keep checking back as pics will be added.

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What is the Central Garrison?

CENTRAL GARRISON members are assigned to five of the Great Plains states. But, no matter where you live, chances are the 501st presence can be felt. States include MN, ND, SD, IA, & NE. 
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Congrats to the 70th Explorers Garrison!  Former states of the Central Garrison, the MO & KS states have been recently approved by the 501st Legion to form their own Garrison.  We wish you all the best!